About 2.5 years ago, I went to a dance studio in Atlanta looking to add some fun and variety to my normal workout routine. Well . . . I donít have a dance background and absolutely hated my first class. I couldnít keep up and simply felt awkward and uncomfortable. I later decided to try another class and instantly fell in love! Lucky for me, ChiChi was instructing the beginning go-go stiletto class. It was nothing less than spectacular! She was patient, fun, and talented. She also gently pushed me out of my comfort zone into my alter ego. LOL! I loved the class so much that I told several of my friends and they came to love her just the same."
-McKieva Sullivan, Entrepreneur

Chi Chi is a generous boss, a creative choreographer, and an energetic dancer. I am so grateful that she has brought her unique and sassy style to Austin, TX!!!"
-Christine Amaral, Dance Instructor

I come from a runner background but never noticed results as fast as I have recently. I had been taking Chi Chi's dance class for only 3 weeks when I started noticing changes in my fitness level. On the 4th week a co-worker made a comment about how they noticed a change in my leg definition. I told them I owe it all to my new Stiletto Dance Fitness class instructed by the lovely Ms. Chi Chi!"
-Adriana Cavitt, UOP Student Support Specialist

Thanks for providing me an opportunity to have fun, be sexy and get fit all at the same time. I have two left feet but your effective teaching style made me feel just like a "Diva" from the video. When I performed my moves for my extremely frugal husband, he said "that was money well spent, " I totally agree. Thanks for unleashing my inner dancing alter ego."
-Candice Cooper, Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Chi Chi is one of the most talented Choreographers & Artistic Directors. She understands what goes into a show/performance and what the people want. She is professional and a very hard worker. As an instructor she understands the importance of teaching people something new and having them step out side of them self. People and talent like Chi Chi do not come around often. She's positive, talented, amazing, and just 100% woman!!! Anyone would be blessed to have her on their project."
-Mike Peele, Actor, Choreographer, & Director

 Chi Chi is an amazing instructor and it doesn't matter if you've never taken a dance class in your life; when you leave her class you definitely got a work out and have a new stride(that's a bonus). I wouldn't miss a class thundershower or shine; it is very addictive!"
-Mrs. Sandy, Database Administrator OCP

Working with Chi Chi is amazing! She's one of the most creative, innovative, and talented choreographers in the game. The way she teaches her choreography with her smooth yet outgoing personality really captures the attention of dancers. Her choreography is amazing and I would definitely love to work with her again in the near future!"
-Bizzy, Professional Dancer


Testimonials from our students who performed in our Valentines Workshop...


"I just had the pleasure of completing my first dance workshop at the studio and I am so please to announce that it was FABULOUS!  Amber and Chi Chi made the experience memorable and exciting.  I am not someone who has taken dance classes regularly or even aerobics for that matter, so I was a total beginner.  I was very nervous at first. I have two left feet and I have a difficult time with choreography, but they were so patient and helpful.They made me feel completely comfortable, beautiful and sexy. I did it!" -Rechelle


"Taking this workshop was one of the best things I've done in a long time.  Amber and Chi Chi are not only incredible dancers and performers themselves, but they are also both fantastic instructors.  The workshop was limited to only a few students and we each received so much personalized instruction.  Amber and Chi Chi definitely wanted us all to look good on the dance floor and they took the time to break down every single move.  Even if you have not taken dance before, you will be able to master the routine and look and feel fabulously sexy by the end of the workshop!  I was particularly nervous about dancing in heels because have had every pair of high heels I own shortened to 1 and 1/2 inches.  But I ended up performing the routine in 4 inch stilettos and I felt fantastic!  I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to have fun and feel good about herself and try something new.  You will feel so great about yourself - I know I do : )"-Hilary

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